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 "DCTA should endorse Julie Bañuelos because she has advocated for many teachers in our school.  Julie has a strong knowledge of our contract, and she has been an advocate for me when contractual situations have not been handled effectively.  Julie is extremely passionate about students and teachers in our schools and works to ensure that the diversity and equity in our schools is valued and prominent."  —Janeen D.

 "When I had a problem at my school, Julie Bañuelos came to the meetings with me, even though she had to drive across town.  She answered my questions and provided support.  Julie did more to help me than anyone else in the DCTA organization.  I am asking you to endorse Julie for school board.  She would be  a strong voice for teachers, students and DCTA." —Eileen Wise, DCTA member (retired)

"I have worked for Denver Public Schools for 17 years now, but this is my very first year in the union.  As a DCTA representative at Centennial, Julie Bañuelos was instrumental in my decision to become a member of the union this year, when she advocated for a new vote for innovation status at our school.  Administration was using some questionable tactics to get signatures for continuing innovation at Centennial, and when Julie caught wind of the uncomfortable situations that teachers were being placed in to 'earn' their signature, she went to work to get a new vote with representatives from both sides present to make sure the teachers could vote the way they wanted and not the way they were told they should.  That act was the very reason labor unions were formed, and our representative convinced me that I needed to be part of this important organization!  It is my hope that the DCTA Fund will stand behind and up for Julie Banuelos in this election in the same way that she has stood behind and stood up for teachers in the past as a representative and member of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association!" —Shari M.



The DCTA Fund is faced with a difficult choice: whether to back one of their own for Denver school board at-large.  These decisions are usually made behind closed doors, for tactical reasons.

This year, the stakes are high.  DCTA is in a difficult spot, with bargaining in process and with teacher morale at an all-time low.  So it's important for DCTA members to let the Fund know your wishes as members.  It's time to let them know that you want Julie Bañuelos as the DCTA-endorsed candidate for Denver school board, at-large.

 Please sign by filling in the information below, and please also tell us your school if you feel comfortable doing so.

Thank you so much for your support!

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    Lindsey Rosendahl
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    Julie is an excellent person and leader.
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    Julie has the experience, the high standards, and the passion to best serve our kids!
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    We need a teacher on the school board! The current board isn’t making decisions with students and teachers in mind, but Julie will! Her experience will be invaluable to the board and our district needs her.
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    As a former DPS teacher and DCTA member I endorse Julie with 100% committment. I am confident that she will move the district forward in the right direction. She is a passionate and well informed adovcate for our city and community! Vote for Julie!
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    Go Julie! This former DPS teacher and mom supports you!
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    As someone who works often with union and community organizations, and someone who knows folks at DCTA, it would be extremely disappointing if they didn’t endorse Julie.
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    Former Academia Ana Marie Sandoval de Lenguaje Dual Montessori Secretary II.
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    Sign the petition: We want Julie