I've been honored to have the endorsement of the organizations above, as well as from some individuals.  


  • United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 7
  • Caucus of Today’s Teachers
  • Colorado Political Revolution
  • Democratic Socialists of America: Denver
  • Internationalist Socialist Organization, Denver
  • Our Revolution Metro Denver
  • Progressive Democrats of America, Denver branch
  • Colorado Black Women for Political Action
  • Colorado Latino Forum
  • Green Parties of Denver, of Colorado and of the United States
  • National Lavender Green Caucus of the U.S.
  • Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado
  • Denver Justice Project

Individuals (offices listed for identification only):

  • Rafael Espinoza, Denver City Councilman
  • Kayvan Khalatbari, candidate for Denver Mayor
  • Arturo Jiménez, former school board member for Northwest/Central Denver
  • Andrea Mérida, former school board member for Southwest Denver
  • Nita Gonzáles, education justice activist
  • Rudy Gonzáles, Executive Director, Servicios de la Raza
  • Evan Weissman, founder of Warm Cookies of the Revolution (organization listed for ID only)

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  • endorsed 2017-11-03 15:13:50 -0600
  • endorsed via 2017-11-02 22:01:44 -0600
  • posted about this on Facebook 2017-11-01 19:49:44 -0600
    I'm endorsing Bañuelos for Education. Please join me!
  • endorsed 2017-11-01 19:49:35 -0600
    I endorse Julie because she is a true advocate for our children and is AUTHENTIC! Most qualified to represent the community that DPS serves.
  • endorsed 2017-11-01 09:25:29 -0600
    Julie is right— we can’t give the privatizing forces an inch, let alone a mile. Public education is key to our democracy, and we need to strive for improvement, not privatization. We cannot leave people behind when it comes to education, and we cannot let people profit off of our children. Charter schools do not work, so let’s elect Julie! She knows what needs to be done.
  • endorsed 2017-10-26 22:15:41 -0600
    Clearly the best candidate, one that is motivated for action and will be a student advocate.
  • endorsed 2017-10-22 19:10:32 -0600
    I believe Julie is the most qualified candidate running for Denver Public School Board. She is a strong advocate for students and only has their best interest at hand.
  • endorsed 2017-10-22 14:28:08 -0600
  • endorsed 2017-10-22 13:56:26 -0600
    Julie is by far the best candidate!!!!
  • posted about this on Facebook 2017-10-19 19:51:34 -0600
    I'm endorsing Bañuelos for Education. Please join me!
  • endorsed 2017-10-19 19:50:52 -0600
  • endorsed 2017-10-18 17:01:35 -0600
  • endorsed 2017-10-11 19:47:07 -0600
    Proud endorser of Julie and a DCTA member
  • endorsed 2017-10-09 16:49:41 -0600
    I am a Denver Native, a product of Denver Public Schools, a teacher in DPS and Charter Schools, a school Principal in and out of DPS…..I proudly support Julie for the At-Large seat on the DPS Board of Education. Why? She knows Denver, she knows our kids, she understands the needs, and she will do all she can to guide the district in the direction it should be going for ALL kids. It’s time we had an someone from the education front lines on the Board. Julie is the RIGHT choice!!!
  • endorsed 2017-10-09 16:39:32 -0600