How can we deal with bullying?

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When bullying happens to a student, it's such a scary and bewildering thing.  Currently, Denver Public Schools' tactic of dealing with bullying has not been the most effective.  Many times parents feel very much at arm's length, not able to advocate for their child for fear of even being banned from the school premises.

So what can we do about bullying?

Nikhal Goyal has some insights into how to deal with the problem of bullying that seem logical.  Parents already understand the necessity of modeling good behavior, and it does seem counterintuitive to expect students to grasp good behavior out of the thin air.  

As an experienced Montessori professional, who is accustomed to a pedagogy that has restorative justice built in, I can tell you that students are capable of asking for and receiving forgiveness, but it requires ensuring a sense of empowerment between both victim and bully.  In a sense, restorative justice balances out the power dynamic between the two, so that the victim can seek justice and the bully can learn empathy.

As #BlackLivesMatter chants, "no justice; no peace."

Please watch the short video, then tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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