Chalkbeat: I do not consent

Recently, Chalkbeat (a local education policy online publication) sent me a questionnaire that included questions about my positions about certain education-related issues, but more ominously, asked for my date of birth so that they could collect a "background check." Continue reading

DACA and DCTA: Struggles for justice

The last couple of weeks was lively and filled with happenings that will keep us all on our toes, especially in fighting for what is simply conscientious for all our brothers and sisters:  1) Securing a respectful Denver Classroom Teacher Association’s (DCTA) Master contract and, 2) Preserving the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  These two subjects are near and dear to my heart. Continue reading

Endorsements and what's next

My life as a union teacher has had its ups and downs, but one of the extreme joys of the experience has been in the deep, lasting friendships I have built with colleagues and mentors during my years at DPS. Continue reading

Is DeVos the Big Bad Wolf?

Denver's left-leaning education voters have a good reason to consider Betsy DeVos the Big Bad Wolf of Public Education.  It's true that her goals are destructive to this shining jewel of the public commons.  But even though we should stay outraged and act, is she really our only cause for concern? Continue reading

Is Castro Elementary on the chopping block?

The familiar set-up job of the district threatening school closure continues at Castro Elementary, but the Spanish-dominant group of mothers that assembled at a district meeting there today, had other plans. Continue reading

How can we deal with bullying?

  photo from When bullying happens to a student, it's such a scary and bewildering thing.  Currently, Denver Public Schools' tactic of dealing with bullying has not been the most effective.  Many times parents feel very much at arm's length, not able to advocate for their child for fear of even being banned from the school premises. So what can we do about bullying? Continue reading

Can we fix educational malpractice in our public schools?

 Author and Activist, Nikhal Goyal Is there a disparity in the quality of schools each child receives?  Are our schools putting out self-sufficient thinkers, or are our students being molded into compliant servers of the system? Nikhal Goyal has a lot to say about these issues, and as one of the first few students to sit for standardized tests just after the implementation of No Child Left Behind, he has an important perspective for us about the state of education today, in the aftermath of NCLB. Continue reading